Special Olympics Holds Fundraiser Car Wash

They will have two more during the summer

FARGO, N.D. –A clean car feels great, and even better if you got it washed for a good cause.

Special Olympics of Cass County held a fundraiser car wash. All the supplies like sponges and towels were donated from businesses around town. Over a dozen volunteers and athletes helped out.

One organizer says he was inspired to put the car wash together because of his involvement with Special Olympics in college.

“Inclusion is the word we’re really using this year. That’s what it is. Everybody does the same stuff. If you can’t do something, who cares. You’re just awesome, that’s why I love sports and I love coaching as well. For me it’s just inclusion. I love it,” Patrick Anderson, a volunteer with Special Olympics, said.

Special Olympics will have another car wash on July 27 and August 24.

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