Group Biking Across U.S. To Raise Money For MS Research Stops in Fargo

FARGO, N.D. – A group of bikers is riding across the country to raise money in hopes of finding a cure for a disease.

Bike The U.S. For MS is a national organization dedicated to helping find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. For some of the bikers, they have a personal connection to the illness.

“I have had multiple people in my family who have had it and I’m a neurologist so I work and take care of patients with MS,” Cyclist Jeremy Schefer said.

Their stop in Fargo is day 38 in a 69 day trip of over 4,000 miles, and for every mile biked is another dollar donated.

The crew started all the way in Bar Harbor, Maine and will wrap up in Seattle.

Sometimes the motivation to keep biking is just natural.

“Well, sometimes it’s not really a choice you gotta get rolling up in the morning and get to the next site and the people have been really accommodating,” Schefer said.

This trip is just one in five separate runs the organization makes, and for some this isn’t their first time.

This is the last ride of five for me to complete all of our U.S. rounds. So, I have done over 11,000 miles with the organization,” Bike the U.S. For MS Coordinator Kelly Wulf said.

The friendships they build through riding together makes the trip a lot easier.

“All these people that were strangers to begin with are just close family members and I feel like I know them better than some of my lifelong friends. But everyone remembers what they’re riding for,” Wulf said.

“I guess just the people you meet, the other day we were in Minneapolis and when you see what MS you kind of remember that you can help,” Cyclist Emily Gregory said.

The group will head back on the road in the morning and hope to pick up some more riders along the way.

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