Fargo College and Foundation Team Up to Surprise Kids Battling Diseases

Fargo-N.D It’s Rasmussen College’s annual day of service day.

Educators are taking away from their summer break to help a local foundation benefiting kids who may need courage.

Here at Rasmussen College in Fargo faculty and community members are teaming up to help a foundation created by one of the staff members where their going to be giving out these gifts to kids at the Roger Maris Cancer .

The team spent the better part of the morning putting together blankets and bags full of goodies for the kids to enjoy.

This year the group picked Zach’s Foundation. It was created by his mom in memory of him after he passed away at 9 from brain cancer.

“We had a lot of acts of kindness through his cancer journey, the foundation is too pay it forward to pediatric cancer patients in our community, giving them gifts and toys and financial donations just to try and just make their burden a little easier,” Said Zack’s mother Ellen Rummel.

And doing all this good has an impact.

“Just the ability to keep Zach’s memory alive show gratitude for the community and Rasmussen College and just seeing the impact that we can make on kids that are going through some struggles that a lot of us can’t imagine,”Said Ellen Rummel.

For kids like Asden who have been battling Hunter’s Syndrome since he was 2, gifts like these go a long way.

“Ya I like it it’s pretty cool,” Said 10th grader Asden Cotton.

They were telling us for a long time that he wasn’t going to live till a certain age but he’s living past that age, at this point due to the treatment he received from the hospital and we really do appreciate it,”Said Asden’s father Michael Asden.

For Michael he has words of encouragement for any parent with kids dealing with medical problems

“You put your faith in the lord and that’s what we do every day and just trust the process,” said Michael

“While the evening for giving gifts wind down, Ellen’s work is not done as she continues to help other families just like Michael’s across the valley.”

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