Kids Get a Try at College at M State Camp

MOORHEAD, Minn.- Planting the seeds of hope of making it to college one day.

It’s what the non–profit Seeds for Change is doing for kids at M State.

Kids are learning what it takes to get into college and some of the cool things they get to learn along the way like how to drive one of these.

All these activities are a part of Walk Into My Future which is teaching kids anyone can have the chance to go to college.

We have 1,400 5 to 12 year olds that are Kingergarten through 5th graders who are on campus today experiencing what college is and giving them the opportunity they might have ahead.”Dean of Academic Support Angela Mathers said

It’s not just the kids who are having a good time.

“All the smiles on the kids’ faces they’re so excited especially when they see the little footballs drop out of the bucket, it’s kind of a hit,” said Diesel technology instructor Jim Bainer.

With loads of activities from driving construction vehicles, learning about science through electricity and getting to work with chemicals there is a heavy focus in offering variety like Screen Printing.

“There is always that aha moment with little kids. That’s the great thing with working with children you just pull it off and they just go WOOOOOO ya know. Today is really about getting that type of reaction out of little kids and maybe opening them up to the idea that this might be something they wanna do in the future,” Art Instructor Jon Cox explained

The kids at the camp even have a special ceremony while their there.

“We have been doing a fake graduation. It’s been really exciting to see their taking the time to think about what they want. We’re allowing them to choose a major while their doing that,”President of M State Carrie Brimhall said.

“It’s been fun to get them excited and to help them see that they can do this,” Brimhall said.

While these future students will have to a lot of choices to make on where they go and what they choose for their career.

Organizers say it’s important to have an open mind and to follow your passion.

Organizers say they had a great turnout and can’t wait to welcome back the next group of kids at next year’s conference.

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