Gate City Bank Contributes $2.5 Million to NDSU Aldevron Tower

Aldevron Tower will be home to the College of Health Professionals

FARGO, N.D. — Gate City Bank is propelling NDSU’s Aldevron Tower project with a 2.5 million dollar investment.

The bank says the contribution is unique in the fact that it’s providing the lowest interest rate ever given to a university project nationwide.

The financial agreement spans over 10 years with a 1.5 fixed interest rate, which equals about 2.5 million dollars the university can use right away.

Gate City’s executive chairman says he’s proud to partner with NDSU, his alma mater.

“Gate City’s the only company I’ve worked for since I graduated from NDSU. I’m in my 42nd year at Gate City, and I believe it’s an obligation for companies to give back and make a difference,” said Gate City Bank Executive Chair Steve Swiontek.

Aldevron Tower will be home to the College of Health Professionals, featuring state–of–the–art technology.

The project is expected to wrap up in December.

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