Fargo Police Still Searching for Standoff Suspect

They were called to a domestic disturbance at 1131 College Street

FARGO, N.D. — Just after 10:00 Monday night, NDSU students were sent a notification about a man who had barricaded himself inside a home near the campus.

Two children were inside.

Just another night of studying at a friend’s house became more intense.

“I hadn’t checked my phone because I was doing homework and my mom texted me and said ‘where are you at.’ She was watching the news. I’m like I’m ok, don’t worry,” said Walker Bruns, a sophomore at NDSU.

He walked home to the Farmhouse Fraternity only to find 12th Street and College Street blocked off.

“I came here and people were looking out windows and watching the situation. We saw SWAT and a bunch of other cops pull up and even across the lawn too. There was massive groups of kids who saw the alert, who came across campus and were watching it. It was a crazy situation watching it all unfold right in front of us,” Bruns said.

Bruns is talking about what he saw happening across the street at 1131 College Street.

Fargo Police got a call about a domestic disturbance there.

Officers say a man and woman were arguing outside and there is an active restraining order between the two.

After officers spoke to the man, they say he ran into the house.

Police used a “flash–bang” and a robot to help them get him out of the house.

Jarod Roth moved into the apartment in the basement of the house back in June.

He says he found out what was happening while he was at work.

While he admits he was scared, he says he was more concerned for three–year–old and nine–year–old girls inside.

“Part of me wishes I could’ve been there to do something but against my better judgement, it’s probably best I wasn’t there to see it all. Their mom has done a really good job raising them and they’re always so nice to me and I was worried about them,” Roth said.

When police finally did get inside, officers say the man had gotten away. They are still searching for him.

“It’s a little creepy. It’s pretty comforting knowing that I saw a bunch of people here. They were trying their damnedest or hardest to make sure they got this guy,” said neighbor Robert Ehlert.

Roth says he’s never heard the man and woman argue in the house before.

He says he get back into his apartment until four in the morning.

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