Food Truck Community Remembers Man Killed Near Downtown Fargo In June

They say "healing with food" is the best way to remember Jay Halvorson

FARGO, N.D. — Hustle hard, dream big and live like there’s no tomorrow.

Those are the words Jay Halvorson lived by.

Now, his words live on through t–shirts his longtime friend is making in his memory.

“This was Jay’s motto. He had it all over his Facebook page. His biggest thing was, ‘Well, I got to go hustle today, so, you know, got to hustle to make money,’ so that’s where the ‘hustle hard’ comes from,” said Halvorson’s friend Sharon Akin.

She and Halvorson had worked on apparel for his food truck through her business, Logo 2 Promo, for many years.

“His life was stolen from so many people that love him, and I just hope that we can keep his memory alive in our community by doing good,” she said.

About three months ago, Halvorson was shot and killed in a parking lot near downtown Fargo — a town many say will never be the same without his presence.

“Jay was all about his people. He loved everybody. Everybody that met him loved him and he loved everybody,” said Akin.

He’s described by many as a leader in Fargo’s food truck community.

“He loved his food truck, and it was his life,” said Halvorson’s former fiance, Kate Holten.

Halvorson lost his life standing next to Texas Q BBQ, the truck that gave him so much joy.

That’s why ten local food trucks, like Detroit Deli and Fargo Cheesesteak, and more than a hundred community members are coming together in his honor.

“I thought that this would be the best way to remember him and keep his memory alive. Not only healing with food and friends and other coworkers. Just a great way to have a celebration instead of thinking about what had happened to him,” said Holten.

She hopes the community will remember Halvorson for his accomplishments and not for how his life ended.

“I hope that everyone will remember his great barbecue, his love of community, and just his altruism,” said Holten.

The two men arrested since the shooting in June are awaiting trial on murder charges.

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