UND Women’s Basketball Welcomes Large Freshman Class

There are eight freshman on the Fighting Hawks Roster

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The University of North Dakota women’s basketball team will look like a much different squad than it did last year.

With eight freshman joining the program and not a single starter returning from last season, the Fighting Hawks have been hard at work getting this young team ready to play.

There is a bit of a learning curve as the freshman adapt to the college game, but it’s one head coach Travis Brewster is ready to tackle

“There is a lot more teaching involved, and obviously as a teacher, you need to be a little bit more patient at times because they might need to work on a concept a little bit longer,” Brewster said. “They have to understand it is alright to make mistakes. They are a group that doesn’t like to make mistakes, but it is part of the game. However, when you are teaching stuff to players who have a great basketball IQ like this group does, it gets to be pretty exciting.”

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