It’s not just about tricks or treats, Sanford Health gives tips on staying healthy & safe

FARGO, N.D. – The most exciting day of fall for kids everywhere is fast approaching, and for parents, it can be a stressful day for many reasons, including health and safety.

Nationally, children are twice as likely to be killed on Halloween as compared to any other day of the year. It’s a harrowing statistic, but Sanford Health says that parents have options when it comes to mitigating the risks to their children. Their top tip: If your child is under the age of 12, make sure to escort them throughout the night.

“Up until like age 10 or 12 you can’t judge the depth of a vehicle. So, that’s where having an adult, a trusted adult, where it’s like ‘Alright, now we can cross the road.’ would be great,”

When it comes to choosing a costume, it’s important to stay away from dark colors, and if you can, purchase some additional reflective gear and glow sticks.

For those who have to drive this Halloween, Sanford is warning them to slow down, be alert for children, and stay off your cell phone.

Getting hit by a car isn’t the only danger on Halloween. It’s easy for children to form dangerous eating habits with such easy access to sugary treats.

“The biggest thing you can do as parents is making sure you aren’t demonizing any food, but just really giving the message that all food fits in and it just talking about moderation and balance,”

Dietitians say that portion sizes should be limited to a couple of pieces a day and that parents should go through the candy their child collected with them, and donate the treats that their kids don’t like.

Parents should also make sure that before kids leave for trick or treating, they are eating a full meal for dinner.

If you have to man the door this Halloween, candy isn’t your only option.

“It’s always a good option to do 100% fruit juice boxes, whole grain crackers or graham crackers. You can do trail mixes, or, especially for kids with allergies if you want to hand out different toys, or watercolors or things like that,”

Whether you’re practicing safe trick or treating, or eating healthy this Halloween, it’s important to have fun, and to do it safely.

Sanford Health also says it’s important to be cautious near the roads, use crosswalks and to avoid purchasing costumes with masks.

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