Teachers at Fargo’s Ed Clapp Elementary School combined STEAM with Halloween

After the challenge was done, kids were able to eat the candies they used to build their designs.

FARGO, N.D.- The fourth graders built catapults, boats, towers and webs. They also incorporated candy to get into the Halloween spirit.

Students were able to work together in teams and learn how to communicate with each other, do critical thinking and work on engineering and design challenges.

This was all part of a Halloween themed STEAM event where each teacher had a designated challenge station in their classroom.

“I think it really helps with their social skills working together and learning how to be part of a team, working collaboratively. So, there were goals that we established at the beginning of each session about teamwork and working together and making sure they are all participating and I think it’s good for them to practice, you know to get ready for some day, when they’re older and asked to work collaboratively as a team at a job,” says fourth grade teacher Marcia Kolle. 

Students could not keep their excitement as they headed to the next class to work on their next design challenge.

“I built a big tower, I built a boat and I got second place. And now I’m just waiting on Miss Chloe’s class so I can go in there and do the STEAM activity,” says fourth grader Ibrahim Ahmed.

He adds that although he got second place in the boat event, it has been his favorite challenge so far.

“The one in my class which you have to blow the boat and you have to stand behind the line and you have a straw and you have to blow into the straw to get the boat as far as you can,” he says.

At the end of the class, students reflected on what went wrong with their designs and what they could have done different.

The event is a prep workshop for the 4th graders who are going to be learning about STEAM oriented skills next week.

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