Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch celebrates grand opening of new store

The store has been open since March but due to construction they were unable to hold a celebration it until now.


FARGO, N.D. — Because of the outpouring support from the customers and donors in the three other stores in the F–M are, the organization decided to open another store.

“Humbled. With how much support our stores receive. Whether that’d be donating, whether that’d be purchasing and buying items, whether that’d be volunteering. It is a joy and a great place to work and be involved with as you know what you’re work is doing is going for a good cause and helps the kids at the ranch,” says Lisa Olson, the VP of Retail Operations, Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

The organization says by going to its stores you also help the environment.

“Part of thrift store management is also the sustainability of the environment what we’re seeing is young people really embracing thrifting because we keep things out of landfills, we do a lot of recycling, doing a lot of rebundling so even the things that don’t make the floor, still are healthier for how we use our goods,” says Joy Ryan, the President, Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

All the proceeds go to help the programs at The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch to help kids with therapy, educational programs and residential treatments.

“When you shop, drop, and save at the thrift store. It’s local stores, with a local mission helping local kids and families, and it just makes my heart explode to see how much people in these communities care about their neighbors,” Ryan says.

For the store, it’s more than just about providing good quality items at low prices. It’s about helping children in the community.

The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch have nine thrift stores across North Dakota.

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