NDSU’s Gold Star Marching Band Puts On Show At Fargodome

Sounds Of The Gridiron Is An Annual Show That's Put On By The Marching Band

FARGO N.D. — The drilling of the drums, the soulfulness of the saxophones, and the triumphing trumpets, the NDSU Gold Star Marching Band kicks off its annual Sounds of the Gridiron.

For Director Sigurd Johnson, who’s been directing generations of talented performers for over a decade, says this concert is always a special occasion.

“We have people who are just really interested in just hearing the marching band. It’s always fun to play for football fans, but they are also here for the football game. This one they are here for the marching band,” said Johnson.

Johnson says the kids out here have a passion for what they put out on the field.

“They’re here just because they want to; nobody is getting a scholarship; no one is getting anything but a grade and a credit for the class,” Johnson said.

Carl Ludewig, who plays the alto sax, says a lot of practice goes into getting ready for Bison games and big shows in the Fargodome.

“Ya, before games, we have what’s called Sax circle so we do squats before just get our legs warmed up. We did a few too many yesterdays and a couple of today. We also play holiday; we love to play that and it gets us hyped up for games,” Ludewig said.

Carl isn’t the first Ludewig in the family to pick up that golden sax.

“My mother actually played it, so this is her saxophone. It’s kind of been handed down and that’s kind of where it started and just kind of gone from there and it’s the best instrument,” Ludewig said.

Carl hopes to see more people come out to the next big marching jam.

“You will learn a lot even if you never marched and are just watching it. It’s fun; it’s exciting. It’s a little different than just coming out to a normal concert,” Ludewig said.

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