Jamestown Jimmies Blend Traditional Sports with Esports

The University of Jamestown was one of only 30 schools to adopt the scholarship model for esports early.

JAMESTOWN, N.D. – With computers that have names like Galahad and Lancelot, and an impressive combined 67–42 record in the games Overwatch, Hearthstone and League of Legends, it’s easy to see why the Jamestown Jimmies esports team has dubbed themselves the Knights of the Round Table.

As those heroes embraced the spirit of teamwork in their quest for the Holy Grail, The Jimmies are fully embracing the idea that teamwork between traditional sports and esports is mutually beneficial.

Garret Browning plays Hearthstone for the esports program, but he is also a Defenseman for the Jimmies Hockey team.

“Playing hockey and being involved in that for a long time has helped me bring that team environment here. Many people that play video games obviously do it on their own and coming to a team environment might be different for them. Whereas I am coming from a team oriented background so I can kind of use those skills that I’ve developed to enhance those around me.” said Browning.

“It’s a really interesting team dynamic because it’s not traditional sports. So, being able to learn how that works and seeing how something you do play alone and being able to work with that dynamic has been pretty cool.” said Alex Huff, another dual-athelete who is a Long-Jumper for the Jimmies Track Team and an Overwatch player for the Esports team.

The schools next step was to bring in a traditional sports coach who had a passion for video games. That coach was Dillon Kifer.

Kifer’s big plan: Bring the lessons he learned from wrestling to his cyber athletes.

“My number one goal over everything has nothing to do with them playing video games. My number one goal has everything to do with building a team dynamic. I want these guys to be a family.”

While it’s too early in the season to tell if this new innovative approach will bring the team long term success, these Knights of the Round Table are certainly embracing it all the way.

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