NDSU Football: Expectation is to Go Undefeated

Bison want to go undefeated in back-to-back seasons

FARGO, N.D. — There were two goals at the top of the list North Dakota State football set out to accomplish at the start of the season. The first has already been achieved, clinching the Missouri Valley Football Conference. The second can be achieved this weekend going undefeated with a win at Southern Illinois.

NDSU is one of only two teams in the Valley to ever go undefeated. That includes last year’s FCS Championship squad. Its a tradition that continues to be established. One team wants to set themselves apart from the next and this season is no different.

“Going through the whole season and attack every game the same way because if you take a day off or think any team is beatable and you don’t prepare the same, you’re going to get beat, junior offensive lineman Dillon Radunz said. “I think the Missouri Valley Football conference is a very tough conference and just watching South Dakota State over the years, its proven. There’s been years where they beat us and then go and lose the next week to a different because they just lose focus of they think they have it in the bag or whatever the reason was. Anybody can beat anybody in this conference.”

“Like Coach Entz said it was the second goal from our seniors and I think that’s the expectation a lot of years expecting us to go undefeated and win all our games, sophomore Michael Tutsie said. “That’s something we take a lot of pride in.”

“There’s been undefeated teams so we have to do that,” Radunz said. “Last year we were undefeated so we have to we able to do that again this year and preform really well in the playoffs. Having the confidence of going undefeated will be huge for us in the playoffs.”

Last game before the playoffs kicks off Saturday at two o’clock against Southern Illinois.

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