Pro Golfer Amy Olson Partners With Austad’s Golf To Provide Clean Water In Africa

The native North Dakotan felt inspired after visiting Zambia in 2015.

FARGO, N.D. – After learning about Golf Fore Africa , a non-profit that provides clean water and health, Amy Olson decided to join them on a trip to Zambia.

“Going over to Africa and seeing the need over there, and seeing how with just a bit of opportunity, which water provides, how much human potential is released. And seeing the things we take for granted, like clean water and seeing people not have that just seems crazy that in the 21st century there’s people without access to clean water,” Amy Olson says.

She says is mostly women and children who have to walk miles and spend up to 6 hours every day collecting water.

“A lot of times it is. It’s miles and miles and a lot of times it isn’t clean, so you know it’s from some sort of stagnant lake or potentially a river and there’s a lot of danger involved in it, because a lot of times women have to go alone. And so they’re in a very vulnerable position. They can’t go to school because they spend so much time walking for water and of course just the obvious things like disease from drinking unclean water, so there’s a lot of areas that it impacts and it’s really the first step in impacting a community and it impacts women the most and so, that’s one of the reasons I’m most excited,” she says.

After returning home, Amy knew she wanted to do more for the people in Zambia and decided to partner with Austad’s Golf and carry a line of levelwear called “Golf Fore Africa” where all proceeds will go towards building a well.

“We’ve kinda have some fun with it because for most golfers when you mention water, it’s considered a hazard. So, you go in the water, you gotta go take the ball and go get another one. In this case, water is something that is saving people’s lives. So, we’re taking something that normally in the golf industry is kind of a hazard and negative and we’re turning it into a positive,” says Dave Austad, CEO of Austad’s Golf.

If you want to donate, you can go to Austad’s Golf Store in Fargo to shop some levelwear or you can
click here.


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