“Mighty” Myles Receives “Best Christmas Ever”

The family received over 30 presents

FARGO, N.D.- It has been a roller coaster of a year for the Allen family.

The youngest son, Myles, was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma when he was three-years-old.

With three relapses, the family was now trying a new form of treatment called MIBG Therapy.

“He was playing, he was eating, he was jumping, and then a few weeks ago he started complaining of his leg hurting, and sleeping a lot. And then during each day, he woke up, things seem to be getting worse. So the doctors realized maybe this isn’t working and the cancer became more aggressive,” says Monique Allen, Myles’ mom.

Christmas this year was extra hard for the family as Myles was not able to fully enjoy opening the presents.

“He’s been sleeping while everyone is in the living room opening presents, but it isn’t the same. So, it broke my heart knowing that he wasn’t able to celebrate it,” she says.

But she didn’t know was the counselor of Myles’ school nominated her to the non-profit “Best Christmas Ever,” to give them the Christmas experience that they were not able to get on the holiday.

“It really pull on the strings, that he has been through a difficult time and relapsed and that this just might be the last blessing for Christmas that he’s going to receive and we just wanted to be a part of it,” she adds.

Myles could not contain his excitement as he opened each gift.

“It was nice to actually see him open presents and be excited about it. I can tell he was Because he has a security blanket really close to it and he was rubbing it and that he gets excited he rubs it. You know, I could tell that today was a nice day for all of us, especially him,” says Amanda Scheffler, Captain of Best Christmas Ever.

It was hard not get emotional, as the family thanked the volunteers from the non-profit for giving them the ‘Best Christmas Ever.”

“This Christmas has been really hard for us. And to have you guys come do this means a lot,” says Allen.

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