Fargo Park District selects Dave Leker as Executive Director

FARGO, N.D. – A familiar face has been chosen to run the Fargo Park District.

The board voted unanimously to promote Interim Executive Director Dave Leker over four other finalists.

He’s been in charge since Joel Vettel resigned in July.

The board considered feedback on each person up for the job from staff, key stakeholders and the public.

Leker was the Director of Parks and Recreation in Beulah before coming to Fargo in 1999. He became Deputy Director in 2017.

Leker’s starting salary will be $150,000.

“We’ll continue on what we’ve been doing the last six months. We’ve got a lot of big projects on our plates. A master plan planning we need to do at Lindenwood Park, over at Island Park and the Island Park pool. Also, we’re going to be master planning at Yunker Farm,” Leker explained.

The Park Board hopes Leker can begin his new role by mid to late February.

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