Business owner raises concerns about downtown parking

People continued to voice their concerns over downtown parking.

FARGO, N.D.- Leslie Johnson Aldrich is the owner of downtown’s Johnson Law Office and was encouraged by her employees to come to the meeting.

She says the lack of parking, including renting monthly contracts, is her main concern.

Johnson adds although there is off-street parking at her building, it’s small and not enough for the entire staff.

She says her employees usually have to walk two to three blocks to get to the office.

“I have a lady who’s in her 70s who works for me, so a lot of times, I give up my parking spot, so that she can park there. You never know what the parking’s going to be,” says Leslie Johnson Aldrich.

After voicing her concerns, the city says it’s something it’ll take at look at as officials continue discussing strategic plans.

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