Sales of Junkyard Brewing’s new IPA goes to Australia wildfire relief

MOORHEAD, Minn. – The Australian bushfires has garnered sympathy from across the world, a Moorhead brewing company is doing its part to help.

Junkyard Brewing releases it’s Five Day Rain, a New England style IPA with a promise that with for every can sold $1 would be donated toward relief efforts.

This gesture of support towards people across the globe is the generous behavior Fargo-Moorhead is proud to be known for.

“The response has been phenomenal, the amount of people that see it and are like “Hey this is going on in Australia all the way across the world and I want to get involved some way to help these animals and to be able to help recovery efforts of the volunteers and the people in charge,” Marketing/Bartender Minkus Valan said.

The company and its customers are eager to do their part to help one pint at a time.

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