Concordia Men’s Hockey Turnaround Could Land Them In Playoffs

Despite dropping Five of their first Six games, Concordia Men's Hockey is in the mix for a Playoff spot

MOORHEAD, MN – Until recently, it had been a season without a clear definition for Concordia men’s hockey: a few winning streaks here, a few losing streaks there. Lately, though, the cobbers seem to have found their stride. They’ve got ten wins on the season. Six of those have come in the last seven games. Contrast that with dropping five of their first six games this season and you’d think you’re looking at two different teams.

Since the turn of the new year, Chris Howe’s squad has scored less than two goals only once. While one might assume the game plan or lines changed, or that it’s a byproduct of playing easier opponents, the head coach says it’s all about executing better, especially with only four games to go.

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