Yorhom Now in Fargo offers an answer to immediate medical needs

Yourhom-Now Medical Essentials is a one-stop shop for

FARGO, N.D. — A new Fargo store has opened and it’s the answer to nearly all retail medical needs.

Yorhom – NOW medical essentials is a one-stop shop for products needed immediately for health care.

There is a wide variety of medical items sold, including seat-lifters, power scooters, ankle braces, walking boots, and CBD products. Additionally, the business offers home-installations for some of their products like stair lifts or grab-bars for your bathroom.
The first of its kind in this community, Yorhom offers people easier access to the things that they need to heal.

“We are the only medical retailer like this in the region,” Yorhom-NOW marketing specialist Sami Eidenschink said. “It is so important because there is a variety of ages that need this stuff, but it is hard to access. Being that shop, they can access it right away and it is things that are going to help them heal.”

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