ND Mom fights cancer diagnosed while she was pregnant

Doctors found a softball sized tumor in Meredith's small intestine.

HARWOOD, N.D. — Merideth Sorenson was on her way through pregnancy with her husband Troy for third child, about 19 weeks into the pregnancy something happened.

“I was having some pains in my stomach and they did some tests on me,” Sorenson said.

Doctors found a softball sized tumor in Merideth’s small intestine.

She was still able to give birth to their beautiful, now 18-month-old daughter Hope.

Merideth now spends most of her time in hospital trying to find the right cure.

“I have done every treatment that the doctors can think of and nothing seems to work,” Sorenson said.

Meredith had to travel across the country to Maryland, leaving her thousands of miles from her family.

“Really just be home with my family and my kids,” Sorenson said.

She’s gotten visits from family members and Facetime calls from her kids who are always asking how she’s doing.

Although she’s far from the valley, the community decided they were going to give a warm helping hand.

At the Merideth For Hope fundraiser in Harwood people all across the region packed in to support her and help raise money for medical bills.

“She said we need to do a benefit and she said “can you help?” We said of course we can, help and it just kind of mushroomed from there,” Organizer Robin Jack said.

Dad has been hard at work helping supporting and carrying for the three kids and especially the newest member of the family.

“I actually have been able to spend a little more time with her, we have two other little ones at the home, I work a lot with those too and with mom being gone now. A little bit here and there I have been able to spend a lotta time with this one so we have been grown really close,”  Merideth’s Husband Troy Sorenson said.

Like any good caring father and husband he’s making sure his whole family is cared for.

Meredith says she couldn’t be prouder of everyone who pitched in when things got rough and have been with her for the full ride.

“See everbody it’s going to be amazing, seeing everything they have put together and they are doing an amazing job and I’m forever grateful…….”, Merideth said

Link for Lend-A-Hand-Up

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