Healthy blood donors needed among Coronavirus concerns

Those at Vitalant say there's been a drastic decline in donors

FARGO, N.D. — Staff at Vitalant in Fargo say the need for blood donations is more urgent amid coronavirus concerns.

They say there’s been a decline in donors coming in and a 30 percent increase in no-shows.

The CDC says it’s highly unlikely COVID-19 can be transmitted through blood transfusions.

Those at Vitalant say it’s imperative that healthy people donate now, so hospitals have enough blood for coronavirus and cancer patients.

“One of the big reasons people don’t donate is they haven’t been asked, and I’m truly asking today. So, asking them to come out, give it a try and again, they’ll feel great when they leave, rolling up their sleeves and saving a life,” says Vitalant Community Ambassador Director Jennifer Bredahl.

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Call (701) 293-9453 to make an appointment.



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