Comfort King Mattress Factory Makes Masks For People In Need

Between The Sioux Falls And Fargo Location They Have Produced Over 1000 Masks.

FARGO, N.D. — “We realized how big of a need there was so it was hey let’s get on this i mean it’s just exploded from here,” Comfort King Manager Ben Enney said.

Comfort King Mattress Factory in both Fargo and Sioux Falls have been working around the clock not only to stay in business but to make hundreds and hundreds of masks.

“We are probably about 350 here right now and probably over 1000 in Sioux Falls,”¬†Enney said.

Enney says the calls they have been getting from people asking for masks and offering to help out have exploded.

He says with so many new requests coming in, they could use some more helping hands.

“People are in need and they are so thankful because there are so many shortages of them and it’s incredible the amount of people that this has touched already and we just want to help anyone we can,” Enney said.

For some of the volunteers walking in, this isn’t their first time doing some sewing and craft-work.

“I sewed all my kids little clothes when they were little and the girl’s prom gowns and I sewed the wedding gowns and I sew dish towels and now I sew these,” Volunteer Diane Schneider said.

Sue Johnson came into the store to pick up her first load of fabrics to work on at home.

She says it’s on everyone in the community working together to get things done.

“You read the stories of WW2 and people went out to the factories to work and just help out and the help was needed. We know people need masks and if we can help do that we will,” Volunteer Sue Johnson said.

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