FM Crusaders Deliver Food to Those in Need at CCRI

FARGO, N.D.–Like many organizations, CCRI has been going through many changes and challenges due to COVID-19.

When one of CCRI’s food suppliers was late on a shipment, the organization asked the community for help.

Clubs like FM Crusaders and individual donors delivered food to the vulnerable in the community.

“The Crusaders called and said ‘what do you need?’ And before long one of the members brought in 90 pounds of hamburger. And then on Sunday, there was truck after truck of club members coming and delivering hundreds of pounds of food,” Director of Development Jody Hudson said.

The organization says it feels like the FM Crusaders are part of the family because of everything they do for each other.

CCRI says it is continuing to work with its clients on how to keep them mentally stimulated during this social downtime.

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