Gigi’s Playhouse keeps members connected through virtual programs

Gigi's at Home offers Daily classes designed to keep members engaged throughout the period of social isolation

FARGO, N.D. –Gigi’s Playhouse is committed to continuing to provide for it’s community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is not a time for us to hit pause, it is a time for us to hit play and continue to serve our families,” says the Fargo organizations site manager, Heather Lorenzen.

The organization, which offers free educational and therapeutic programs to those with down syndrome, has hit play on Gigi’s at Home by offering a virtual set of programs.

“With the physical aspect of walking in the playhouse, you get to see and socialize and connect,” says Lorenzen. “We can still do that, we are just doing it virtually. We have found that we can still execute the same purposeful programs and meet the needs that our families are wanting.”

The Fargo-based location offers seven virtual programs ranging from physical therapy and fitness, to math skills and socialization exercises.

Their classes don’t just reach the near 135 families in the region that the playhouse works with.

48 different chapters of Gigi’s Playhouse across the U.S. and Mexico are participating in Gigi’s at Home to offer members both live and recorded classes. Every Thursday at 3:30 p.m., it is the Fargo chapter’s turn to go live for a national audience.

All classes are a way to keep those with down syndrome active and engaged as they try to navigate through this period of social isolation.

“A lot of times with the cognitive delay, not practicing their speech on a regular basis can set them back a little bit, especially for our school age kids, our teens, and our adults,” says Lorenzen. “Socialization is key. I know they look forward to walking through those doors and seeing those friends and we are still able to help meet that need.”

In the first week that Gigi’s at Home has been has been in place, the Fargo location has already executed fifteen classes and nationally, there has been over 50 classes offered.

Click Here access free live or recorded Gigi’s at Home programs.

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