Fargo Financial Adviser Offers Investment Advice During COVID-19

Meyers Has Been Hosting A Financial Chat With People In The Community About How To Handle Their Investments During The Pandemic.
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FARGO, N.D. — The coronavirus continues to impact the investment world and the global economy.

Paul Meyers Of Legacy Wealth Management in Fargo says the economy is hurting right now but will bounce back.

He’s that because the main driving forces will be back once people are able to work again.

He says the 2 trillion dollar relief bill can also help give a jump start to local businesses.

Meyers has been hosting a financial chat with people in the community about how to handle their investments during the pandemic.

“They need to realize that the market is going to recover and they don’t want to walk away from it. In my opinion it’s going to recover, might take a while, if it took a year but the market is going to recover,” President Of Legacy Wealth Management Paul Meyers said.

Meyers says his last digital financial talk was a success and plans to host another one soon.

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