National Guard in Oslo, Minn. to fight flooding

MARSHALL COUNTY, Minn. – Gov. Walz is sending the Minnesota National Guard to Oslo to deal with another round of spring flooding.

The guard will assist the Marshall County Sheriff by monitoring dikes and flood protection systems. They will also help if the area needs any evacuations.

Oslo and the surrounding region is experiencing flooding that is blocking off many of the routes in and out the area.

The Red River of the North at Oslo is within a foot of its record level of 38.4 feet.

The flood fight is something they are used to.

“At Oslo we saw 37.8 feet reached a few days ago the river has fallen a couple inches, we’re at 37.6 feet now. We’ll see that level again rise when the Grand Forks water works it’s way into the Oslo area,” Jim Kaiser with the National Weather Service said.

A number of spots in our region are also reporting overland flooding and some rural washed out roads.

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