Fargo high schools join #BeTheLight Movement

Fargo North, Fargo South, Davies light up their fields to inspire hope in a time without sports

FARGO, N.D. — The athletic fields at high schools around the country are usually full of kids by the time April rolls around. Spring sports have started back up and teams are eager to begin the final season of play before the school year comes to an end.

In 2020, however, those same fields look a lot different.

“A lot of our Aprils in the past have been no-contest, but the practice time, we always see our students out practicing no matter what the weather is like. I really miss that part of it for the activities,” said Davies activities director Lenny Ohlhauser.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down all school activities at Fargo North, Fargo South, and Davies for nearly a month and it is unclear for how long that will continue.

During a time when these schools would normally be getting ready to compete against each other for another season, they are now shifting their focus to finding something to look forward to amidst these tough times.

To do so, all three Fargo schools joined the #BeTheLight movement.

“We are going to hit the lights and let that be a little beacon of making sure that people know that there is still connection out there,” said Fargo North activities director Travis Christensen. “There is still community here on the North side of Fargo, just as their will be at Fargo South and Fargo Davies.”

The movement, which began in Texas, has schools all across the U.S. turn on their stadium lights for twenty minutes and twenty seconds, signifying to their communities that this dark period won’t forever.

“Showing a sign of hope to our students and community that at some point, we will get back to some level of normalcy with high school sports,” said Fargo South activities coordinator Mike Beaton.

The move is also a special honor for the seniors; the students who still don’t know whether they have played their last game in a high school uniform.

“We don’t know what it is going to be like here come May, but they may be done, they may be coming back to the school, I just don’t know,”  said Ohlhauser. “That’s the hard part. I always look through the eyes of our students and I know that the students, whether they are participating in activities or not,  they do miss being in school and being around their classmates.”

The unknown may just be the greatest challenge in dealing with all of this.

Shining these stadium lights is just a simple gesture, but it’s one to remind kids that they are not in this alone and there will be a day when these fields will once again be filled with students.

“Trying to think of something to do for the community, it is just one way to hopefully brighten somebody’s day and thoughts as they try to battle through this,” said Beaton.

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