‘It’s not just a job for us’: Local artists continue creating through pandemic

One artist's "pay what you can" initiative aims to make art accessible to everyone

FARGO, N.D. — As museums, theaters and tattoo shops remain closed, artists have been heavily impacted by the pandemic.

One Fargo tattoo apprentice has made it her mission to make her art accessible to everyone during these difficult times.

Although she started her “pay what you can” art initiative a couple of weeks before tattoo shops were required to close, Christina Perleberg says this project can especially make a difference now.

She is offering customizable art pieces for anyone at a price of their choosing.

Other local artists across the metro are doing the same.

“In a time like this, I think art is the great bridge. It’s a way to feel connected, and in this really unprecedented time, I think connection to somebody is really important,” says Perleberg.

She says if you want to support a local artist but are unsure of how, simply ask.

Connect with Perleberg and view more of her art through her Instagram here.

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