Red Lake Falls, MN kindergarten class shares video to spread kindness to others

The students made hearts and wrote positive messages to put a smile on other's faces

RED LAKE FALLS, Minn. — Always being kind is something Red Lake Falls kindergarten teacher Nicole Gullingsrud preaches to her students all year.

In her classroom, she uses the symbol of a heart to spread that message.

“It’s a lesson about saying nice things,” said Gullingsrud. “If you say something hurtful or mean, it hurts your heart and we crumble up the heart and if you say something kind, we flatten out the heart.”

That theme inspired the class to come together, even while they are forced to be apart physically, and make a video sharing some kindness with those who need it.

All 19 kids in the class participated in the video. They drew and cut out their own hearts, and wrote down a note of positivity.

Their goal was to brighten someone else’s day, sharing what they have been learning all year long.

“So people stay happy,” said Irving Buse.

“So people be kind to each other,” said Alice Leonard.

“So people know they are loved,” said Addison Remick.

Not only is the video able to bring joy to others, but it also gives kids in the class a chance to see all of those that they’ve missed.

“They can watch as many or as few times as they like during the day and hopefully, it gives them a chance to be with their classmates and see their friends in the safest way possible, and do something for our world and our friends in the world,” said Gullingsrud.

Even away from the classroom, Mrs. Gullingsrude is still finding a way to teach her students the power that kindness can bring. The video makes it clear that no matter what the world is going through, there is always a way to make someone else smile.

Find the full video here.

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