Concordia Mother Surprises Daughter With Matching Tattoo

Jess Thompson gave her daughter, Autumn, a guard on the women's basketball guard, an profound gift

MOORHEAD, MN – In the spirit of Mothers Day, it’s important to illustrate how powerful a bond some athletes and their mom’s share are by showing you what a Concordia mother did to bring her that much closer to her daughter.

Meet women’s basketball sophomore Autumn and her mother Jess Thompson. Senior year of high school, Autumn got herself a tattoo on the rib reading “Be still and know,” a shortened versioned of the bible verse she’s held close to her heart, “Be still and know that I am god.” A year later, Jess, who was hesitant to the idea at first, surprised her daughter with the exact same tattoo on her wrist. To top it all of, both of the inscriptions are in the other’s handwriting. The gesture from autumn’s best friend was nothing short of a surprise to the sophomore.

“I get this text and she’s like, ‘can you meet me?’ and I was like, ‘where,'” said Autumn. “It was weird for her not to say, can you meet me at Starbucks or can you meet me here. She was like, can you meet me with an address. I don’t know Fargo that well. Even now, I probably could’ve figured out where it would’ve been. So I got in my car, went to the address and I pull up and it’s 46 & 2, a tattoo place and I was like, ‘oh my gosh, she finally decided to get a tattoo.’ she had been debating it for years.”

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