Kindred Boys Golf Chapter Ends; New One To Look Different

The Kindred Boys Golf team has been comprised of the same six golfers for three years but now a new era begins

KINDRED, ND – Across the entire area, it’s tough to compare which winter and spring teams were hurt the most by Covid-19 cancellations. However, a few saw some prestigious eras come to a close, including the Kindred Boys Golf team.

This team has been made up of the same group for the past three years: six guys. Nobody left; Nobody new came in. Parker Bartels, a senior and three time all-region team, spent five years on varsity starting back in 7th grade. The same goes for Same Henke who helped lead the vikings to five state championship appearances, finishing in the top-ten twice. Also, Mark Olson spent three years on the team, taking home a first-place finish two years ago. Sophomores Max Mcquillan, Brock Woehl, and Paul Olson have all been apart of that group four four years. Make no mistake, they’re looking forward to next season but the dyanamic of group was something special to them.

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