NDSU’s Brown “100 Percent All In” on College Baseball Coaches Proposal for Later Start to Season

Coaches hope to have proposal voted on for 2022 season

OMAHA, Neb. — A group of power five coaches in college baseball are proposing a later start to the season to trim expenses post COVID-19, improve the fan experience and reduce player injury.
The hope is for a vote in January and be put in place by 2022.

The idea originated by northern schools who are impacted by weather with what is currently a mid-February start ending in June with the World Series. In this new proposal the season would start in mid-March and run through July.

North Dakota State baseball, who typical travels for the first two months of the season, would see more home games and less travel with a later season

Head coach Tod Brown says he’s 100 percent on board for this solution.

“Were going to save tens of thousands of dollars when its all set and done because instead of going nine straight weeks, we’ll probably start out if we start in third weekend in March,” Brown said. “We’ll probably go on the road for a couple weeks and we’ll be able to host more home games, we’ll play in better weather which should cut down on our travel expenses and on top of that add more revenue because of people coming to our games in better weather.”

The proposal needs Athletic Director approval before being voted on.

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