Three Senior Returns Brings Changes in Roster Management for NDSU Softball

Three of the four seniors will return from last season's roster

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota State softball will see three of its four seniors coming back including four-year starters Montana DeCamp, Madyson Camacho and Stephanie Soriano. Lauren Reimers is the only one not to return as she goes for a master’s degree at the University of Minnesota.

NDSU currently has 21 on the roster for 2021 and enter into a completely new situation with roster management. The only restriction dealing with more players is travel limitations. Knowing whats to come ahead of time, head coach Darren Mueller has the chance to look in to how to be shape his roster week by week.

“I’ve never been a statistical person, but you still look at analytics, those types of measurements and looking at some other things like how were producing on the field and maybe some fall games, development throughout our winter season,” Mueller said. “Just trying to come up with an idea that way and it may switch week to week, you never know. One thing that’s kind of the uncertain is you never know how COVID is going to play out, we may have student athletes that are sick and maybe they can’t travel.”

The Bison’s first practice is scheduled for September 1st.

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