Fargo South Football Returns to Field Under Guidelines Set By Fargo Public Schools

22 Players, three coaches can work out at one time

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo South Football is back on the field working out in small groups for the first time since the end of last season. The Bruins are following by the rules put in place by Fargo Public Schools.

22 players and three coaches can be together at once split up into individual groups based off skill positions. Before taking the field each player has to sanitize, read a set of guidelines and all equipment used must be wiped down. Despite the limitations, players and coaches are seeing individual relationships formed at quicker pace with hopes of games in the fall.

“It gets our guys together,” NDSU commit Enock Sibomana said. “It gets us more unified and builds up our chemistry because these guys I’m working out with are the same I’ll be running routes with and they’ll be blocking for me on the outside. I’m going to be able to trust them because I’m there working with them.”

The kids don’t take this for granted.” head coach Tyler Kosel said. “Its definitely a privilege to be out here so the kids have great attitudes. We’ve been doing some zoom sessions and everyone is excited to get back to work. Th group has been a lot closer. I’ve noticed they’ve been talking a lot more and its been great to see that they’re on all the same page getting ready for the fall.”

The next phase, which is the ability to have training camps, can happen as early as July 6th.

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