NASCAR Drivers; Pit Crews Stand With Bubba Wallace Ahead of Race at Talladega

KLWN Kansas City's Tyler Jones Provides Perspective on Issue

LINCOLN, AL (Talladega Motor Speedway)- Powerful moment as NASCAR drivers and pit crew members competing in Monday’s race at Talladega began walk alongside Bubba Wallace and his no. 43 race car to show support after a noose was found in his garage on Sunday afternoon.

Nascar president Steve Phelps said a crew member discovered the noose and immediately took action. With these actions being a hate crime, NASCAR is working with the FBI to investigate the issue. The garage area is restricted to essential personnel and under video surveillance.

Wallace came out with a statement on Instagram saying “This will not break him and will continue to stand for what he believes in.” Wallace is the only black driver on the circuit and in previous weeks pushed NASCAR to ban the confederate flag for all events. The drivers came together united, but how does the sports get fans to buy in on the change that’s happening, Tyler Jones from KLWN Kansas City weighs in.

“I think NASCAR made a statement by going about this and saying “Hey were investigating this,” Jones said. “They could’ve easily put it under the rug and said nothing about the situation instead they’re going forward by saying this is not acceptable. This is not who we are and were going to change that. They’re taking the right steps forward and its going to take time to get that point to really reach and prove that that image of the sport previously is not what they are going forward.”

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