Post 2 Honors Late Vice President Pettersen With Tournament This Weekend

F-M Invite Named in his honor


FARGO, N.D. — To close out the first day of the F-M Invite, post 2 is honoring their late Vice President Jim Pettersen, who lost his battle with COVID-19 this past spring by honoring him before their game against Moorhead. All teams participating also agreed to rename the invite “The Pete” .

This weekend’s annual event was always pete’s bread and butter. Its one of the largest in the region and the biggest the club hosts. Pettersen coordinated the times, invited the teams and always did it with a smile.

Post 2 thought there was no better way then putting this on in his memory.

“Post 2 its more than baseball. We really stress that to our guys its the culture. Jim coined the phrase for us, live the tradition and that’s really what were about, what Jim’s about,” vice chairman Corey Thompson said. “Were really about taking young men and giving them the skills they need not just in baseball, but in life. That really sums up who Jim was. He was quite the colorful character and means a lot to out program and we thought this was fitting to name it after him.”

“Jim loved this tournament. It’s something he really worked hard at every year to make it great because he knows the tradition of the tournament,” Post 2 head coach Luke Rustad said. “The F-M Tournament is a big tournament in the region and that was something other teams looked at and was important to come to. He consistently made sure that the tournament always stayed that way with good competition. Being something we could be proud of. He would be the first to tell you it shouldn’t be named after him but he deserves this. He puts baseball first in this community. He puts kids first in this community and I think its something he deserves just for the sole fact of the kind heart he had when it came to putting kids on this field.

16 teams will compete from North Dakota. South Dakota and Minnesota in a pool format through Sunday’s championship game


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