RedHawks Players Ready for Baseball’s National Spotlight

American Association only baseball league in United States going on

FARGO, N.D. — With the minor league baseball season canceled and MLB not starting until the end of July, more eyes than usual will be on Fargo, Sioux Falls, Chicago and Milwaukee as the American Association gets underway this weekend.

Starting on Friday, Newman Outdoor Field will see national attention.  More major league scouts are expected in attendance along with the New York Times. Players who were let go from spring training camps have joined the league making the competition level at an all-time high. A 60-game season makes games matter more especially with 22 coming against rival Winnipeg.

When it comes to the approach where there’s a chance to be part of a pro organization down the road, RedHawks players’ mentalities don’t change.

“If its not there something may be a little wrong with you maybe, No.2 starter Tyler Pike said. “Definitely in the back of your head knowing ‘hey this is a legit chance for anyone to get back in affiliated ball.’ I think when you look in between the lines, its all about that competitive balance where it may overtake that so just focusing, staying on course and the plan ahead.”

“The whole goal is and what were going to tell our guys is you go out there and do the same thing, its baseball still,” Opening Day starter Bradin Hagens said. “No matter who’s in the stands, who’s watching you, what’s going on around the world, when its game time, its game time. All you’re worried about is execution, getting you’re job done and picking up your team when it comes time so as long as guys can focus on that and not worry about anything else, everything else will fall into place.”

“Its a really cool opportunity not only for us and the league for what it can do just to bring more recognition to what this league and independent baseball is all about,” outfielder Brennan Metzger.

All RedHawks players tested negative for COVID-19 and the team is ready to go for Friday night’s first pitch at 7:02.


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