Cass County correctional officer suspended due to ‘insensitive’ video

CASS COUNTY, N.D.–A Cass County correctional officer has been suspended following an investigation into what is being called an “insensitive” social media post.

On July 5, Deputy Tamara “Tori” Holland, a non-licensed deputy assigned to work duties at the Cass County Jail, notified Captain Andy Frobig of a video she had made and posted to Tik Tok.

The video reportedly referenced a Native American caricature and a liquor store, and received a lot of negative attention including that of Native Lives Matter.

Deputy Holland told Captain Frobig that she deleted the video, but it had been shared several times before she deleted it. It was determined that the video had been shared to Native Lives Matter’s Facebook page and could still be viewed even after Deputy Holland deleted it from Tik Tok.

Viewers became aware of Deputy Holland’s association with the Cass County Jail and the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. Due to this Deputy Holland was put on administrative leave.

During the investigation, Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner discovered that Deputy Holland had recently attended an interpersonal communications and personal bias course as well as a cultural diversity course.

Following the investigation, Cass County Sheriff Jahner said, “I believe that Deputy Holland had training which would have helped her identify unacceptable behaviors in reference to cultural diversity situations.”

On July 9, Deputy Holland was offered a Pre-Determination Hearing with Sheriff Jahner. The hearing allowed Holland the opportunity to explain why she should not be terminated. During the hearing, she provided apologies and reasons why she should remain employed.

Ultimately, Sheriff Jahner determined Deputy Holland will be required to attend several meetings and create a liaison contract between the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and someone representing Native Lives Matter. She will then have to visit and learn about the Native American culture.

Deputy Holland will also serve 24 hours of unpaid suspension at the office’s discretion, will not be applicable for a promotion within a year of the completion of the investigation, and have to attend an anti-bias and cultural awareness and diversity training courses.

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