Chief David Todd Retires, OneFargo Speaks Out On His Actions

Two different groups showed up to the Fargo Police Department to give him a farewell as well as demand transparency

FARGO, N.D.- On his last day on duty, Fargo Police Chief David Todd shared an emotional post on the department’s Facebook page thanking his family, the community, but most importantly the men and women who have served alongside him saying:

“Thank you to the people in our community, who rallied around us when we needed it most…And finally and very importantly, thank you to the men and women of the Fargo Police Department. We have been through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, but what is most important and most valued to me, is that we’ve done it together.”

In response to Chief Todd’s last day on duty, One Fargo hosted a rally to speak about concerns on Chief Todd’s hires, as well as The Fargo City Commission naming Deputy Police Chief Ross Renner interim police chief due to him being included in the attorney general’s investigation.

“Chief Todd has been the leader of the Fargo Police Department for at least the last five years. So, he definitely plays a huge role as the leader in the direction of the Police Department and how it operates.”

A group of over ten people also showed up prior to the rally, to celebrate Chief Todd’s retirement as well as thank him for his years of service.

One member of the group approached OneFargo and says the group was not opposing what they were doing but rather celebrating all the work that Fargo PD has done for the community.

“She’s going to reach out to us and we’re going to sit down and have a really open conversation with her. We’re here for dialogue and the fact that she came over first to share that, we really appreciated that. And we’re looking forward to having conversations with her to see how we can grow together as a community with a vision that involves us all.”

Here is the link to Chief Todd’s Full Statement

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