Division II Fall Sports Championship Season Canceled

MSUM Fall sports can not play for championship

(NCAA) The Division II Board of Governors followed the lead of Division III canceling its fall sports championship season.

The official statement is as follows: “After reviewing and discussing the Board of Governors’ directives, the Division II Presidents Council made the difficult decision that holding fall championships in any capacity was not a viable or fiscally responsible option for Division II,” said Sandra Jordan, chancellor of South Carolina Aiken and chair of the council. “This decision was discussed very thoroughly, and I assure you, it was not made lightly. It is important to note that fall student-athletes will be given eligibility-related flexibility to allow them championship opportunities in the future. As we move forward, we will continue to focus on providing the best championships experience for our winter and spring student-athletes who were not afforded those opportunities at the beginning of this pandemic.”

Reaching out to MSUM football coach Steve Laqua for comment on the situation, Laqua told KVRR Sports that would mean no games in the fall for any program. The NSIC will meet tomorrow to provide more clarity.

Previously, the NSIC moved to an all-conference schedule with a delayed start to the season beginning on September 26th.

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