A New Era On Top Of A New Normal For Davies Football

Already grappling with a change in how sports are practiced and played, Davies Football has a new man at the helm

FARGO, ND – The last two years at Davies High, there’s been a football renaissance. Back to back winning seasons has put them in the conversation for contention. Now, they’re back to the gridiron with high hopes.

“The first day of fall camp I was out and I was like, ‘I didn’t realize how much I missed this,'” Senior Lineman Joren Palmer says. “You’re out here with your best friends honestly.”

“I think we’ve got a great squad coming up and I really just want to show everyone what we’re about,” says Zach mitzel. “Think we’re definitely ready to come out and play.”

Though 2020 has been a year of obstacles, the Eagles are ready to roll full steam ahead into the fall.

“Every day you learn something, from a kid having a headache so maybe he’s not here in practice,” first year head coach Wayne Werremeyer says. “We’re just trying to be safe, we’re trying to be careful at the same time football is football and you’re in each other’s faces so at a time either gonna do this we’re not gonna do it and we’re just trying to be smart with what we can do.”

The Eagles are just two years removed from their best season since 2014 when they went (7-4) and made it to the state semifinal against Bismarck. Last year, a similar theme: (7-3) but they were bounced early by Mandan in the quarterfinals. This year, a new coach in Wayne Werremeyer at the helm, but the expectations are the same. They plan to compete but they lost a lot of guys from last year so to do so, they’re going to have to rebuild and that starts up front.

“We’re trying to be a little more uptempo this year in practice,” Werremeyer says. “We’re constantly hearing move, move, move, move, move. We have a saying, “Takes no talent to hustle, takes no talent to ask questions so that’s probably some of the new things they’re hearing.”

“Feel like we’re all trying to treat it the same as every year,” Palmer says. “I feel like going into it, that’s a good mindset to have. It makes it easier when you come out here with your guys everyday.”

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