Fargo North, South Decide to Play in Second Division of Football in 2021; Shanley Stays

Fargo North and South to play in 11AA division in 2021

The 2021 North Dakota  high school football season is about to look a whole lot different. The two oldest Fargo public schools, Fargo North and Fargo South  opted to play down a division in class 11A, joining both Grand Forks schools starting next season.

The Spartans, Bruins and Shanley were all assigned to the second division, based off male enrollment by the NDHSAA, giving the option to stay in 11AA. The Deacons, being the only to do so.

Bismarck St. Mary’s, Turtle Mountain, Dickinson, Jamestown, Watford City, Devils Lake, Valley City and Wahpeton are the others joining the division.

South and North are still allowed to play other Fargo metro schools. North’s athletic director, Travis Christensen  says the opt down was in the program’s best interest.

“In football specifically, numbers are a huge piece of not only potential success but also just player safety,” Christensen said. “If that means that we are playing like-enrollment schools more consistently then in the past does that create potentially more interest in the program, does that create kids who choose to stick with it for another year or two. All those things are yet to be soon but I think that’s obviously the hope.”

The Spartans were 2 and 7 last season, have only 10 seniors and are win less through three games..

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