Sanford Health offers tips on how to stay safe during Halloween night

Practicing Halloween safety in the middle of a pandemic

FARGO, N.D. — With rising COVID-19 cases in the state and children eager to dress up for Halloween, it may raise health concerns among parents.

“Some traditional Halloween activities can be at high risk for spreading the COVID-19 virus. We suggest avoiding anything that involves a large group, indoor costume parties or haunted houses, carnivals just to decrease the spread of the virus.” Autumn Nelson, Sanford Nurse Practitioner said.

Among taking those necessary health precautions concerning the current pandemic, Sanford
Health Nurse Practitioner Autumn Nelson suggests taking more of a traditional approach to Halloween night.

“Things that parents should keep in mind this Halloween season is to remember to follow all regular Halloween safety rules; don’t accept or eat treats that aren’t commercially wrapped, that’s very important. Check all treats for hidden ingredients that cause food allergies that’s important too, and then if you have any young children be sure to remove any choking hazards; gum, peanuts, hard candies, small toys.” Autumn Nelson, Sanford Nurse Practitioner said.

However, to those who wish to forgo the traditional trick or treating, there are still safer options for families.

“There are several Halloween activities that are considered low risk or safe for kids and families, those things are; visiting pumpkin patches, orchards, watching an outdoor movie are less risk if you wear a face mask and abide by social distancing guidelines.” Autumn Nelson, Sanford Nurse Practitioner said.

Nelson says one big reminder for everyone: always wash your hands.

“It’s really important this year for everyone; the kids, the parents, anyone trick or treating to practice hand hygiene because that’s how we can decrease the spread of COVID-19 and influenza this season is hand hygiene.” Autumn Nelson, Sanford Nurse Practitioner said.

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