Fargo restaurants spent first weekend with 25% capacity guideline

Fargo's Mango's talked to tell what changes they made this weekend to accommodate to the new recommendations

FARGO, N.D.-  It was the first weekend with the Cass County’s new Covid-19 guidelines of 25% capacity for restaurants and bars.

Mango’s in Fargo says it’s been following the recommendations closely.

The restaurant was already providing and requiring employees and guests to wear masks in the restaurant.

The high-rise booths follow social-distancing guidelines.

This means it’s able to seat every booth in the restaurant without spacing out seating to every other.

Only the booths are being used to avoid crowding and follow the 25% capacity recommendation, the middle rows aren’t used.

“People don’t want 25%. Sometimes they’re mad when you have a table and you don’t seat them. Sometimes they’re mad, sometimes they understand. A lot of people don’t come in or come a little later or they come in the middle of the day,” Mango’s co-owner Gregorio Gutierrez said.

Plaza Azteca in West Fargo says because it’s a guideline they will still be seating from 60% to 70%.

Others say they are tightly following the guidelines to stay safe like Mango’s.

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