Fargo Police arrest man behind the Bismarck for waving a gun at people

Police did recover a handgun at the scene.
Fargo Police Squad Night Photo Generic 4

FARGO, N.D.–A man was arrested behind the Bismarck Wednesday morning after a bystander saw him waving a gun at several people.

A Fargo Police officer was flagged down at the Bismarck at approximately 1:34 a.m. and spoke to the bystander who reported the incident. The bystander pointed towards three people inside a vehicle who then began walking away from the vehicle.

The officer was able to successfully detain the man identified as 27-year-old Jesse James Burnett. Burnett was arrested for terrorizing and refusal to halt.

Police determined that Burnett got into a verbal argument inside the Bismarck which then continued outside where Burnett began pointing a gun at several people.

Police did recover a handgun at the scene and video footage of Burnett waving the gun was captured as well.

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