Officials say Fargo businesses are following Covid-19 guidelines well

Response team continues serving as a staple tool in helping businesses comply with mandates

FARGO, N.D. — A week after Covid-19 protocols were implemented for North Dakota businesses, the Fargo Cass Public Health Covid Business Response Team has an update on how local establishments are keeping up.

Since mask mandates and capacity limits went into effect, Fargo Cass Public Health’s Business response Team has been an essential tool to helping businesses comply with mandates.

“Our primary goal is to provide the education both on ND restart guidelines and then also on the new executive orders from the governor’s office and the mask mandate the acting health director for North Dakota,” Fargo Cass Public Health’s Chris Ohman said.

Ohman says the team has received very few calls concerning business not following protocols.

“Surprisingly not as many phone calls as I would have expected since the mandates have come through. We’ve only had so few calls right around that 18 number. One of the surprising factors is that it’s mainly retail stores and not so much our restaurants and bars that we’ve had to contact in terms of the mask mandates,” Ohman said.

The response team says they have not encountered any violations to involve police. However the Fargo Police Department says it has encountered a few calls about business not following guidelines.

“It’s community members who are calling into dispatch and filing these complaints with us. We do follow up on it,” Fargo Police Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker said.

Police say a violation for businesses not following the occupancy mandate may result in penalties. Any violation of an occupancy limit will result in a report to the liquor control board.

Police say a violation of the mask mandate, in egregious situations, may result in disorderly conduct or criminal trespass depending on the situation. Police say education and voluntary compliance is the ultimate goal.

Both departments say their main goal is to serve as a resource to help businesses follow and abide by the latest ordinances.

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