Holiday Inn is serving 900 family Thanksgiving to-go meals

Almost 2.5 tons of food are being prepared for those who ordered ahead with the Thanksgiving caterer

FARGO, N.D.- The Holiday Inn in Fargo may not be having its annual Thanksgiving buffet, but it’s still preparing 2.5 tons of food for local families celebrations.

It started taking to go orders at the beginning of the month.

The Thanksgiving buffet normally brings in around 1,500 people.

To go orders have added up to be at around 900 orders.

Each of them feeds a family of four.

“People aren’t getting together in big groups like they normally would. By me doing these to go orders, I’m giving them more time with their family. I’m taking that chunk of all of that preparation out of their lives so they can spend time with their loved ones,” says Executive Chef Judd Eskildsen.

Because of COVID-19, the restaurant is not seeing as many guests which has led to a cutback on staff.

The limited staff has been coming together to help make this Thanksgiving meal possible.

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