Fargo City Commission votes to help businesses cover utility costs

Limited motion set to cover only bars and restaurants
City Commission Debate

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo City Commission votes to help restaurants and bars catch up with past due utility payments.

The commission wanted to provide some quick relief to help establishments struggling to stay afloat as they faced a decrease in business during the pandemic.

The relief bill introduced will help restaurant and bar owners throughout Fargo with rebate or relief aid for the past six months of utility payments.

City officials say the relief will cover about about 300 dollars per establishment for the past six months.

“A waiver of utility charges for a six month period for licenced establishments operating in the city of Fargo and then were also providing for retroactive rebate for restaurants and bars that are licensed and operated this year maybe they’ve already pay that fee may they have not yet,” Assistant City Administrator Michael Redlinger said.

The unanimously approved motion will provide businesses with relief rebate business owners beginning next year on January first.

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